What To Do When Going Up Against a Trucking Company After an Accident

Most people know that commercial trucks have a “how’s my driving?” number on the bumper that you can call to report any reckless or dangerous behavior. But what do you do if that driving results in an accident that affects you and possibly causes injury to you or your family? A trucking accident can cause physical, financial, and emotional damage that lingers long after the initial accident, and you do have the right to bring legal claims against the trucking company. As lawyers that sue trucking companies, we want to help you better understand this complicated and intimidating process. Here, we’ll be going over the basics of how to sue a trucking company, along with some other helpful tips on the matter and information about pursuing claims in litigation.

How to Sue a Trucking Company – First Steps

Your first priority after a serious accident involving a large commercial truck should always be to get medical care for any injuries you may have suffered. Often times, assessing whether you’re hurt is difficult to determine because injuries are slow to develop in many accidents and the symptoms do not present themselves until the days, weeks and months following an accident. No matter what, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer regardless of the unknown scope of your injuries to protect your rights. As lawyers that sue trucking companies, we can help you through this step-by-step preparation to build your case.

Step 1: Collect All Relevant Information

In addition to gathering information on the trucking company itself and insurance, its important to get information about their driver and to obtain his driving record, cell phone records, and background.

Step 2: Take Photos

If you’re wondering how to sue a trucking company, understand that gathering photographic and video evidence is one of the most important things you can do to build a case. Take pictures and video of the damage to your vehicle, any injuries you may have suffered, and the scene of the accident itself. The more, the better. Lawyers that sue trucking companies like us will never complain about there being “too much” photographic or video evidence.

What to do When Going up against a trucking company after an accident

Step 3: Obtain Records and Reports

In addition to keeping medical reports of your injuries and the cost for medical attention they incurred, you also want to request the police report filed for the accident. This is a step where you can really use the help of lawyers that sue trucking companies like Whalen Injury Lawyers. Even beyond the police report, its important to see if the police conducted a reconstruction of the crash, whether they wore bodycam footage to document the defendant trucking company driver’s initial statements and interactions at the scene of the crash, and possibly the DA file if charges were pursued beyond minor traffic citations.

Step 4: Contact Lawyers That Sue Trucking Companies

If you haven’t already, contact lawyers that sue trucking companies and have experience dealing with big trucking companies like Whalen Injury Lawyers. We’ll help you build a case to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and to hold the trucking company responsible for its actions. Our expert team knows how to sue a trucking company effectively and can collect all the information needed to build a strong case and hire all the right experts while you focus on recovering from your injuries and healing, both physically and emotionally.

We can help you understand all your options, what a trucking company can be sued for specifically with regard to legal claims, and whether or not you may want to pursue punitive damages against the company in some instances based on its conduct and the events leading to this crash – which may have been avoidable if they hired safer drivers and supervised and reasonably trained its drivers and employees.

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