Gabriella Winter   Paralegal

Gabriella plays a prominent role in working with the firm’s personal injury team where her hard work, experience, passion, and commitment set her apart as a leader. Gabriella has incredible insight and compassion for the firm’s clients and can relate to what they have gone through because she was previously a firm client before becoming a paralegal. Gabriella has a strong, sympathetic, and persevering presence in working closely with clients to help get them the justice and recourse they deserve in their cases.

Gabriella Winter

Anyone that spends time with Gaby recognizes her passion, energy and commitment to helping injured victims. She works on all aspects of injury cases and assists the firm in developing cases from the initial client intakes to the presentation of the injury claims and through the settlement and subrogation process. Born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, Gabriella has spent the last ten years living in Denver, Colorado, where she previously worked in the hospitality industry before becoming a paralegal at the firm. Gabriella loves to connect with our clients and enjoys assisting on every aspect of their cases. In her free time, Gabriella enjoys trying new restaurants, hiking, and traveling.