In Denver, there are hundreds of bicyclists on the streets and roadways of this thriving city on any given day. Bicycling is a popular activity among Denver residents and visitors, and with the city’s stunning scenery and many outdoor activities, it’s not difficult to understand why so many people have embraced Denver’s quality of life. Unfortunately, motorists are not always keeping an attentive lookout for bicyclists, and that can lead to bicycle accidents that cause serious injury and even death.

While safe bike operation is left up to their riders, motor vehicle drivers must exercise reasonable caution when sharing the road with cyclists. Our Denver bicycle accident attorneys have studied Colorado bicycle law, which states that motor vehicles must give three feet of space between themselves and a bicycle rider when passing. This is important because, in a bicycle vs. car accident, the bicyclist is a vulnerable rider and can get easily hit by an unobservant motorist while also likely suffering from catastrophic injuries or even death. The driver of the vehicle in many instances will often be at fault for causing the accident, in which case the injured bicyclist can contact our Denver bicycle accident attorneys to obtain compensation from the vehicle driver and his or her insurance company.

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Denver Bicycle Accident Statistics

An analysis of bicycle accidents in Denver performed by Denver Public Works aimed at understanding and reducing bicycle and motor vehicle crashes, reports that there were a total of 1,325 reported bicycle crashes in Denver during a five year period, noting that the total number of bicycle accidents is likely higher than the number of crashes captured by police reports, as these crashes may go unreported while still involving serious injuries.

Most accidents involving a bicycle and an automobile that result in injury or fatality involve vehicle speeds of 15 mph or lower and the most common action that drivers take when a collision happens is a simple left or right turn. Many of these collisions are effectuated by larger passenger vehicles like vans and SUVs and cause substantial damage to the rider and their bike. Our Denver bicycle accident attorneys are here for you when accidents like these occur and bicyclists are injured by inattentive motorists. And while our bicycle accident lawyers are representing you, the Vision Zero plan, recently adopted by the Denver Regional Council of Governments, hopes to improve bicyclist safety and make the streets safer for both cyclists and drivers alike by marking streets to provide better riding and driving instructions and sharing safe driving tips when sharing the road.

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Some Rules for Safely Riding Bicycles in Denver

Road cycling in Colorado is a popular recreational activity, with the added bonuses of being an inexpensive and environmentally friendly form of transportation aided by a large network of dedicated bike lanes, multiuse paths, and wide paved shoulders. One important law our Denver bicycle accident attorneys would like to share is that cyclists, alongside other commercial and non-commercial vehicles, have a legal right to use public roads.

They are allowed to “share the road.” Similarly, every cyclist in Colorado must also abide by all motor vehicle traffic laws, in addition to those laws specifically created for those who travel on bicycles. The Denver bicycle accident attorneys at Whalen Injury Lawyers are familiar with these laws, as they are intended to keep riders, drivers, pedestrians, and you safe from accidents and injuries. But, when this doesn’t occur and someone is injured on a bicycle due to motorist inattentiveness, we are here to help bicyclists in their injury claims.

Travel on the right side of the road: As long as it is safe to do so, Colorado cyclists should ride as close to the right-hand side of the road as possible. Exceptions to this rule are when the cyclist is overtaking a vehicle, avoiding a hazard in the road, or riding in a narrow travel lane. These exceptions can lead to collisions and the fault can be difficult to determine without a bicycle accident lawyer on your side.

Sidewalk Riding: If there is a sidewalk in the vicinity, a cyclist is permitted to use it so long as they yield to pedestrians on the path. Be aware of the local city and county ordinances in your area, however, as they may change.

Riding Two Abreast: When using bike lanes or sidewalks, cyclists are not permitted to ride more than two abreast unless they are riding on a path or road set aside for bicycle usage. Crowded streets could lead to collisions, in which case the best step forward would be to contact a Denver bicycle accident attorney to represent your interests.

Rider equipment: Every bike for riding use must have functioning brakes that can bring a rider to a complete stop when traveling 10 miles per hour within 25 feet.

Vision: When traveling at night, a cyclist must have a front white headlight that allows other vehicle operators or pedestrians to see them from 500 feet away, as well as a red rear reflector with 600 feet of visibility. Being sure that you are following these rules could help your Denver bicycle accident attorney settle your case quickly and fairly.

Aside from these rules, there are many prohibitions to unsafe behavior while cycling that our Denver bicycle accident attorneys have reviewed. Some of these laws include clinging to a moving motor vehicle, operating a bike with just one hand on the handlebars, carrying more people than a bicycle was designed for, and using a siren or whistle. Also, just as with motorists, all Colorado DUI and DWAI laws apply equally to cyclists.

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Don’t Wait too Long to Talk to a Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you wait to talk to a bicycle accident lawyer your ability to understand and protect your rights and obtain fair compensation for your injuries could be harmed and limited by this delay. A proper Denver bicycle accident attorney can help you investigate the accident and advise you if there is a claim to be brought and what it might be worth. A bicycle accident lawyer can help you make sure critical evidence is preserved at the scene and make sure you understand the issues that could affect your claim. A Denver bicycle accident attorney can help you submit your claim to the insurance company and make sure you are treated fairly. Our experienced bicycle accident lawyers can help you navigate the medical care for your injuries so you can focus on your treatment while they handle your legal rights in the case.

When you or a loved one are injured in a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of someone else, your first step should always be to seek medical treatment for any injuries. Once you are safe and stable, you can stay in control of the situation by contacting an experienced Denver bicycle accident attorney to represent you and your legal rights and interests. Protecting your health comes first, but your legal rights are also important to make sure you are treated fairly in your case. Waiting to contact a bicycle accident lawyer can impede any attempts to receive fair compensation for your injuries down the road. It’s better to talk to a Denver bicycle accident attorney as soon as it is safe so that you can be represented by a firm that cares about you.

What Should You Look for in a Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney?

At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we have represented hundreds of bicycle accident clients over the years and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Our goal for our clients is to establish direct, meaningful, trusted, and reliable relationships with them and secure settlements that are fair and reasonable. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident in Denver, you may have a legal right to seek financial compensation for your losses, injuries, and damages. Whalen Injury Lawyers can provide you with a team of highly experienced Denver bicycle accident attorneys to pursue an injury claim and civil lawsuit against the parties responsible to receive fair and just compensation. Reeves D. Whalen and his team of Denver bicycle accident attorneys take pride in being recognized as Colorado Super Lawyers, Top Forty Under 40 by the Denver Business Journal, some of the Top Attorneys in Colorado by 5280, The Nation’s Top 1% by the National Association of Distinguish Counsel and Best Attorneys of America (RUE). We’ve also been listed by the National Trial Lawyers Association (NTL) as Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the Nation and Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers in the Nation.

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A bicycle accident and any injuries sustained from one can be a terrifying experience with serious, long-lasting consequences. The Denver bicycle accident attorneys and Colorado personal injury lawyers at Whalen Injury Lawyers have triumphantly recovered compensation for bicycle accident victims in the past and would be pleased to speak with you about your legal options if you also need a bicycle accident lawyer.

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