Diana Rodriguez  Paralegal

Diana has established herself as a leader and invaluable member of the personal injury team at Whalen Injury Lawyers. Diana is a dedicated and compassionate voice in seeking to bring positive change to the lives of individuals who have been unfairly and unexpectedly injured in motor vehicle accident cases. She works on all aspects of injury cases, where she is highly skilled and experienced in both prelitigation and litigation claim handling. Diana is involved in the initial client intake process, obtaining and reviewing medical records, and helping the firm’s attorneys in the submission of prelitigation claim demands along with the complex presentation and initiation of civil complaint filings and mandatory legal disclosures. 

Diana Rodriguez

Diana previously earned a degree in Paralegal Studies and is a Notary Public commissioned by the State of Colorado. Diana has been a Paralegal at Whalen Injury Lawyers since 2018. Diana was born in Mexico, speaks fluent Spanish, but has lived in Colorado for over 15 years. Outside of work, Diana enjoys spending time with friends and family, snowboarding, and traveling.