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What is a personal injury attorney, and when should you consider hiring one?

If you have never required the services of a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney, you may not know exactly what they do or why you should hire one.


A personal injury attorney is someone who will fight for your rights and for full and fair compensation if you or someone you love should become the victim of an accident in which you suffer injury as the result of someone else’s negligence.



Personal injuries can occur at any time, and the effects can be devastating on your physical, emotional, mental, and financial health. Personal injuries are not limited to just injury to your physical body, they can include emotional pain and suffering, loss of wages or earnings, and damage to or complete loss of your personal property.

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At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we strive to not only protect and fight for your rights, but to ensure that you get the verdict or settlement you rightfully deserve.

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Why should you hire
a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney?

When you have been injured or suffered loss as the result of an accident caused by someone else, the other party’s insurance company will likely contact you very quickly and attempt to get you to accept an initial settlement offer.


These initial offers are always far less than what is fair to you, but the insurance company will try to convince you that their offer is fair, and that you’re not likely to be awarded anything more than what they offer.


However, that has historically not been the case, as the awards received when a personal injury lawyer is fighting for your rights to fair compensation tend to be several times more than the insurance company’s offer.


There are laws which apply to accidents and personal injuries, and they can be very complicated.


The insurance companies are aware of this, which is why they will do their best to convince you to accept their initial offer or to indicate that the accident was or may have been partially your fault.


By having a reputable, trusted Colorado Springs personal injury attorney on your side who is familiar with insurance company tactics and has experience obtaining fair settlements for their clients, your injuries and losses are much more likely to be fairly compensated for.

Why Whalen Injury Lawyers?

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The lawyers at Whalen Injury Lawyers are tough and courageous advocates

At Whalen Injury Lawyers, our Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys aren’t afraid to fight large insurance companies to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. We take on the fight for a fair settlement so you can focus on getting the treatment you need to heal from
your injuries and recover your life.


Iarge insurance companies and big corporations

Our firm exclusively represents clients against large insurance companies and big corporations in personal injury matters. At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we have successfully represented many accident victims over the years, winning millions in personal injury case settlements.


We are proud to be one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys

We are proud to be one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys, 5280 Top Attorneys in Colorado, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, and Super Lawyers. Our goal is to establish a direct, meaningful, trusted and reliable relationship and secure a settlement for you that is fair and equitable. We will work closely with you to make certain that you are adequately compensated for any loss you suffer as a result of a personal injury.


Whalen LLP lawyers will fight for your best interests

If you or a loved one have been injured and are seeking a compassionate, experienced, team of Colorado Springs personal injury attorneys with a proven track record of success, give us a call. Whalen Injury Lawyers lawyers will fight for your best interests both in and out of the courtroom. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your legal options.

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