What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

Even when you're a pedestrian on the street, accidents can happen, and the consequences can be devastating. Pedestrians face the risk of being hit by vehicles on sidewalks, crossroads, and bus stops due to distractions, phone usage, impaired driving, poor weather, lane misuse, failure to yield, and right-turn incidents.

After a pedestrian accident, victims may experience physical injuries, trauma, and financial struggles. While unconsciousness is common in these types of incidents, individuals can take steps by themselves or through supportive family members to protect their legal rights and seek legal assistance and representation.

Below we've discussed 4 steps to take after a pedestrian accident. Take a look:

1. Move to safety

Immediately relocate to a safe area or seek assistance after getting involved in an accident. This is very important because staying in the way of ongoing traffic can result in further injuries.

2. Call 911

When you're sure that you're in a safe area, call 911 to report your accident or have a bystander call to ask for medical assistance and wait for a team of police and a medical unit and ambulance to reach the scene. Once they arrive, inform the police what happened in detail and report the case. Remember to get a copy of your report from the police if this is possible depending on the nature and extent of the necessitated medical care from the crash.

Make sure the medical team checks your injuries. Even if your injuries at first may appear minor, get reviewed by the medical personnel, because pedestrian accidents happen very fast and could cause unnoticed internal bleeding, brain trauma and other emergent injuries that are life threatening.

What Should You Do After a Pedestrian Accident

3. Gather information

Try to get some information from the driver or ask someone to assist with obtaining information, like their insurance and contact information. It's better if the driver stays until the police arrive, even though your injuries may appear minor or may not be clear at the time. The driver might want to leave, and if you can't convince them, take the driver's picture on your smartphone to later provide it to the police. Take photos of the car that hit you and its license plate and submit them to the police.

Remember, if the driver hits you and drives away, the case becomes a hit-and-run and this can complicate the investigation and process of recovery benefits to pay for treatment relating to your injuries.

4. Talk to witnesses

Usually, witnesses are present when pedestrian accidents occur. They often stop to help the victim or call for help. If there are witnesses to the accident, approach them, and ask for their contact information. Their statements may be crucial in determining liability and providing evidence in case of legal proceedings. Witnesses can provide unbiased accounts of the incident, adding credibility to your case.

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In pedestrian accidents, legal assistance can be invaluable in protecting your rights and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Once you've collected enough evidence and worked with the police, it's time to speak with an experienced lawyer.

If you're injured in a Colorado or Denver pedestrian accident, contact Whalen Injury Lawyers to ensure that your case is handled professionally, timely and efficiently. Our excellent top-notch attorneys at Whalen Injury Lawyers fight to protect your rights and ensure you receive the fair verdict or settlement you rightfully deserve following a crash.

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