What is Regenerative Care in My Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

Anyone who has been badly injured in a motor vehicle accident can potentially benefit from receiving regenerative care – a catch-all term describing various medical therapies that are designed to amplify the human body’s natural self-healing abilities. Recent advancements in medicine have given rise to a number of sophisticated treatments that stimulate organs and tissue to heal on their own or regenerate. Harnessing the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is, in many cases, a far superior treatment option than simply managing symptoms.

The Colorado auto accident injury lawyers at Whalen Injury Lawyers would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss three different regenerative therapies and how they can help car crash victims achieve greater physical and mental well-being:

What is Regenerative Care in My Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

Stem Cells

Primarily used to treat back pain and regenerate spinal tissue, stem cell treatment is a form of regenerative therapy that relies on the ability of stem cells to differentiate into other types of cells. As a very general overview of the process, an auto accident victim who undergoes stem cell treatment will first have stem cells collected from blood or bone marrow. This material is subsequently put into a centrifuge so that the best cells can be identified for use in the treatment. Finally, the selected stem cells are injected into the damaged part of the body and thus begin the regeneration process.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

This regenerative treatment is premised on the idea that the platelets and plasma found in the blood can be injected in high concentrations to help speed up the healing process. PRP therapy is commonly used in the field of sports medicine to treat damaged tendons but can also be used to treat injuries that are sustained in motor vehicle accidents.


Also called proliferation therapy, prolotherapy is an injection-based regenerative treatment that is most commonly used to treat injured joints and connective tissues. It can stimulate a strong healing response that is effective at treating whiplash, arthritis, and degenerative disc disease, among other conditions. A doctor administering prolotherapy injects an irritant solution into the injured area. The irritant solution triggers an immune response that spurs the growth of new connective fibers, repairing the injured tissue.

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