What are Med Pay Benefits in Your Personal Injury Case?

What is Med Pay insurance and Med Pay benefits?

If you become injured in an automobile accident and incur medical costs, you can be reimbursed by your insurance company through the medical payments provision of your policy, often referred to as MedPay benefits. This is optional coverage that is highly recommended for policyholders to purchase, as it can relieve you of the burden of expensive medical bills immediately following an accident.

If the accident that causes your injuries was the fault of another driver, their insurance company should cover your medical costs but not until the end of your case. Therefore, there is considerable delay in getting your treatment costs paid. If that happens, your MedPay coverage can offer an immediate means for paying a portion of, or all of, your medical bills.

What are Med Pay Benefits in Your Personal Injury Case?

How do Med Pay benefits work?

MedPay coverage is to protect you as the policyholder, any occupants in your vehicle, any pedestrians involved, or someone using the vehicle with your permission who may become injured in an accident. Your attorney can put together your medpay submission to your insurance company to be paid on an ongoing basis, you don’t have to complete treatment before submitting these for consideration and payment. This ensures that your medical bills get paid early, your credit is protected, and your account remains in good standing so that there is no delay in treatment. However, obtaining medpay benefits is not easy – this is a process that often requires considerable time and aggressive representation by your injury attorney.

What else do I need to know about Med Pay claims?

Your insurance company may become hesitant to pay your ongoing medical bills and request that you be examined by a doctor of their choice. They may claim that your medical provider’s charges are too high, you are receiving more treatment than is reasonable or necessary, or that the treatment you receive is “not usual and customary” for your injuries. They may also argue that the injuries are not related to the accident. In some instances, they may reduce or reprice these medical bills to your disadvantage. MedPay coverage is not unlimited, and your injuries could require long term treatment that requires more than the limits your policy will pay. In these situations, it is best to have a skilled personal injury lawyer working on your behalf to make sure you get the compensation you deserve, whether it’s from your own insurance company or the company representing another driver.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers fighting for their best interest, and you deserve to have a team fighting for yours, as well. The team of skilled attorneys at Whalen Injury Lawyers exclusively represents clients against insurance companies and corporations in personal injury matters. We have represented many accident victims over the years and recovered over $25 million for our clients.

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