How Does the Colorado Jury System Work in My Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases rarely go to trial. However, when they do, you need to understand the process of selecting jurors and how many jurors will participate in the deliberation of your claims.

What is the Colorado Jury System?

As explained by the Colorado Judicial Branch, the state's jury system is a very important part of the court process. The jury pool is updated each year using names supplied from voter registration, driver's licenses, non-driver identification cards, and state income tax records. Names from the jury pool are randomly selected and assigned to upcoming trials. Jury members are then typically given a questionnaire to complete so that the lawyers from both sides and the judge can spot any biases that would prevent them from being fair and impartial during your case. The lawyers, in some circumstances, can participate in developing the questionnaires.

Colorado employers are required to pay regular wages, up to $50 per day, for employees who are serving on a jury. Despite the often-made complaints about receiving a jury summons, many people have reported that they enjoyed their time on jury service, as it gave them an opportunity to learn more about the state's justice system.

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What is the Colorado Jury Instructions?

Juries are given instructions at the beginning of the trial, as well as at the end. They are delivered orally by the judge but are often given to the jury in writing as well. These instructions, which are maintained and periodically updated by the Colorado Pattern Civil Jury Instructions Committee, provide details on how the jury is to make their decisions including:

  • A statement of the case before them
  • The specific laws pertaining to the case, including the law of negligence and liability
  • The examination of evidence
  • How to calculate damages

The general instructions given to juries at the start of the trial include such things as not speaking directly to the plaintiff, prohibition of jury members from doing their own research on the case through news articles or other sources, and avoiding communicating with other people during the trial about the evidence that has been presented.

How Does the Jury Affect My Personal Injury Case?

While a settlement is a negotiation that both parties agree to, a jury trial means that the decisions on the outcome of your case are left entirely to a group of strangers who likely don't have a strong background in the law. Juries are instructed to determine a case based solely on the applicable law and are provided instructions on the specific laws they are to consider with the hopeful assumption that they will follow the law. The jury itself, however, is made up of human beings who are subject to emotion and empathy that can often guide them through their interpretations of the law.

While it's true that most personal injury cases are settled before trial, you can rest assured that your attorney is comfortable with the challenge of litigation and is prepared to present your case thoroughly before the jury.

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