Driving Safety Facts and Tips – What to Know About the Roads

Driving Facts

Driving is a part of life, but it can also be deadly. Unfortunately, millions of people die every year in fatal automobile crashes, and additional millions are injured or disabled. More than half of all fatalities involve teens and young adults aged 15-44, and traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among young people aged 15 to 29. Every year almost 400,000 people under 25 years of age are killed on roads across the world – an average of over 1,000 people per day. In the state of Colorado in 2017, there were 600 fatal crashes resulting in 648 deaths. At Whalen Hersh, we don’t want you or anyone you love to become a statistic.

Safe Driving Tips

There are many potential distractions and dangers that can cause an accident, including:

  • Distracted driving
  • Tired or sleepy driving
  • A lack of experience with bad road conditions
  • Driving in inclement weather
  • Construction or other roadside projects
  • Other drivers
  • Driving under the influence of recreational or prescription drugs
  • Driving while intoxicated

Because driving requires focus, you should never try to do anything other than drive when you are behind the wheel, and you should never get behind the wheel of any vehicle when tired or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Here are some safe driving tips:

  1. Make sure you are prepared with directions and have your GPS ready before you leave for your destination.
  2. Check your glove compartment for registration, roadside assistance information, insurance information, and any emergency medical information you need to have at hand.
  3. Choose the music you want to listen to before you set out on your trip, and if you need to change stations or CDs, pull over to the shoulder or another safe location before doing so.
  4. Use today’s technology to your advantage when you are behind the wheel. Get a “Do not disturb” app on your cell phone and use it to avoid being tempted to answer calls and texts you receive when you’re driving.
  5. Make sure you’re prepared for an emergency, especially if you’re driving during winter months, embarking on a long trip, or will be traveling on remote roads. Carry extra supplies like water and snacks for yourself and your passengers.
  6. Check rearview and side view mirrors, windshield wipers, headlights, taillights, emergency flashers, and turn signals to make sure they’re working properly.
  7. Carry extra oil, antifreeze / coolant, and make sure you have a good spare tire and the means to change it if necessary. Check your oil and fluids every time you get gas.
  8. Check your car’s fluids and tires regularly and refresh or change them as necessary.
  9. When on the road, be attentive and obey all traffic laws, speed limits, and rules of the road, including wearing a seat belt at all times. Passengers, too!
  10. Be aware of your surroundings and be a courteous driver.
  11. Make yourself as visible as possible by using your headlights at all times, even on sunny, clear days. This will make your car visible for almost four times the distance.
  12. Check for cars that may run a stop sign or traffic light before you proceed through an intersection – drive defensively, not offensively!
  13. Be prepared and willing to yield the right of way if it means avoiding an accident.
  14. Leave plenty of room between you and other vehicles; at least four seconds between you and the car in front of you. Double that in inclement weather or at night.
  15. Make sure someone else has your contact information and itinerary. Check in periodically, or if there are any changes in your route.
  16. Be aware of large trucks with large blind spots and remember that if you can’t see the driver in his side mirror, he can’t see your vehicle, either.
  17. Don’t drive on icy roads if at all possible. This is a very dangerous road condition.
  18. Don’t be in a hurry. Leave early. Be willing to be late if it means being safe.
  19. Remember that if you double the weight of your vehicle, you also double the stopping distance, and if you double your speed, you quadruple the stopping distance.
  20. Keep your eyes moving and look for the unexpected such as animals, stalled vehicles, motorcycles, or pedestrians by the side of the road.

What are your rights if you are involved in an auto accident?

Whenever you’re involved in an auto accident, you have a legal right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages, which can include payment for past and future medical bills and treatment, past and future pain and suffering, chronic pain, diminished quality of life, inconvenience, emotional distress, impairment and disability, disfigurement, replacing your vehicle, lost wages, replacing any personal property that is damaged or destroyed in the accident, and more.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you will need a dedicated, experienced car accident attorney to effectively pursue a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible. At Whalen Hersh, we work closely with you to ensure you receive the support you deserve and the representation you rely on. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered over $25 million on behalf of our clients, including millions of dollars in car accident cases.

At Whalen Hersh, our goal is to secure fair and equitable settlements for our clients who are victims of a car accident. We work to establish direct, meaningful, trusted and reliable relationships with every client we represent. When you need an experienced legal team with a proven track record of success, contact us today. We’re happy to offer you a free consultation with one of our successful personal injury lawyers to discuss your legal options. Our Denver Tech Center office is conveniently located at 7955 East Arapahoe Court, Suite 2375 in Centennial, CO 80112. You can reach us in Denver by calling (720) 307- 2666. Our Colorado Springs legal office is located in the Alamo Corporate Center at 102 South Tejon Street, Suite 1100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. You can contact us in Colorado Springs by calling (719) 644-7000. Give us a call today. We look forward to helping you get the fair compensation you deserve.

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