Top 5 Reasons Why People Make the Mistake of Not Hiring an Injury Lawyer

Car accidents are always an unpleasant experience, and serious accidents involving major property damage and personal injury can be traumatic and even catastrophic. You may experience physical injury, emotional pain and suffering, disability and lost wages. In a worst case scenario, you may even suffer the loss of a loved one. After an injury, you may not know what to do to resolve these problems, and may not have access to someone who is knowledgeable enough to provide sound, practical guidance. Many people make the mistake of trying to handle the aftermath of an injury accident themselves, not hiring an injury lawyer perhaps because they believe their case isn’t a big deal, there injuries aren’t that bad, they are unaware of the legal complexities that can cause major problems down the road and they mistakenly believe that the insurance company is going to treat them fairly and honestly.

There are many myths surrounding personal injury accidents, lawyers, legal proceedings, insurance companies, and applicable laws. Unfortunately, these myths prevent many deserving men, women, and children from receiving fair and just compensation for their losses and damages following an injury causing event. At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we don’t want that to happen to you. Here are the top five reasons why people make the mistake of not hiring an injury lawyer:

  1. Injured victims mistakenly believe that personal injury claims increase insurance premiums. Filing an injury claim with your insurance company will not result in higher insurance premiums if you did not cause the accident. Any accident caused by another driver should not increase your insurance premiums because it does not imply that you are a higher insurance risk or that you did anything wrong.
  2. Injured victims mistakenly believe that personal injury claims can cause irreparable harm to the person who caused the crash. This is completely wrong, people have insurance so that if they make a mistake or act carelessly, you are not left on your own. There are liability benefits under their policy of insurance to pay for your injuries, medical treatment, future care and pain and suffering from the accident. The policy of insurance personally protects the person who caused the accident while at the same time creating an opportunity for you to pursue a reasonable recover.
  3. Injured victims mistakenly believe that they can competently handle their personal injury claim alone. Many insurance companies do their best to prevent accident victims from hiring a personal injury attorney, and some insurance adjusters may go so far as to tell you that you don’t need a lawyer. They will make it seem like your situation is not unique, the solution is simple, and make you a settlement offer that they claim is fair, perhaps even telling you that their initial offer is the maximum available. This simply isn’t true. Personal injury issues are many and varied, insurance contracts are intricate, and the laws surrounding filing and pursuing a claim complex. The insurance company of the person at fault for the accident will attempt to settle any claims as fast as possible, hoping you don’t hire legal representation. To protect your rights and fight for fair compensation, you need a skilled, experienced personal injury attorney who understands the laws and complexities of personal injury claims, and who can take the burden of dealing with the details and legalities off your shoulders so you can get on with your life.
  4. Injured victims mistakenly believe that the public perception surrounding personal injury claims suggest they are greedy. It is not greedy to seek compensation for your injuries, lost wages, loss of transportation, pain and suffering, and other losses you may suffer as a result of an injury accident. It is only right that you be made whole after an injury accident, so that the impact of the accident is mitigated as much as possible, and your life can be restored to its pre-accident state.
  5. Injured victims mistakenly believe that the administration and handling of personal injury claims invade their personal privacy. This simply is not the situation, your dispute with the insurance company is confidential, your communications with your lawyer are privileged, your medical records are protected, your eventual recover is confidential.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Make the Mistake of Not Hiring an Injury Lawyer

If you’re involved in an automobile accident where losses and/or injuries are incurred, you need an experienced car accident attorney on your side, especially when dealing with insurance companies and complex legal issues. Our firm exclusively represents clients against insurance companies and corporations in personal injury matters. At Whalen Injury Lawyers, we’ve represented many car accident clients over the years and recovered over $25 million in judgments and settlements on behalf of our clients. Our goal in representing you is to establish a direct, meaningful, trusted and reliable relationship and secure a settlement for you that is fair and equitable.

Settling too quickly with an insurance company usually means that your injuries are not thoroughly treated, your future prognosis is not sufficiently known and your losses and damages are not adequately compensated. Our car accident lawyers will work closely with you in pursuing a personal injury claim to ensure that you receive the medical attention you need, the support you deserve, and the representation you depend on. When you suffer injury as a result of a car accident, you should have the freedom to concentrate on healing and resuming your life, not worrying about the legalities involved in filing a claim and being compensated for your losses and damages.

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