Car Accident Victims Get More Money When They Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Being injured in a car accident, trucking accident, bicycle accident, slip and fall accident, a workplace accident, or other crash or accident resulting in serious personal injury can be a traumatic experience that significantly alters the course of your life. After receiving medical treatment, many people in this situation ask themselves whether it is worthwhile to initiate a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney. It can be a confusing time especially for those who have no prior experience working with an attorney or who think hiring one would be out of their reach financially.

The Insurance Research Council published a study indicating that personal injury victims who are represented by counsel receive 3.5 times more money in settlement compensation compared to personal injury victims who elect to remain unrepresented. The study further found that a full 85% of personal injury plaintiffs who managed to obtain a favorable settlement were legally represented.

Many auto accident victims quickly discover that pursuing compensation from the other driver’s insurance company by themselves is a complex and time-consuming process. It is precisely for this reason that hiring a personal injury attorney to handle all the “red tape” for you can be so advantageous.

Here are the top five reasons to hire a lawyer following an auto accident:

Car Accident Victims Get More Money When They Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

1) Insurance Company Interaction

Your focus after being injured in an auto accident should be on your physical recovery. The mental and physical impact of an accident can drain you and your loved ones, leaving little energy to work on dealing with insurance issues. Having experienced lawyers like the attorneys at Whalen Injury Lawyers on your side, representing your interests, will make it easier for you to take care of your health without having to constantly deal with an insurance company on your own and possibly being pressured into accepting a settlement offer prematurely. Hiring an experienced attorney to be in your corner will help you keep your mind on the most important thing: your health and recovery.

2) Proving Liability

Proving who caused your accident is likely to be a central issue in your legal case. Establishing liability can be a highly fact-specific undertaking with many complicated variables. A qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer, like those at Whalen Injury Lawyers, will understand how to prove liability and thus demonstrate that you are entitled to compensation. If you have to go to trial, your lawyer will be able to navigate all the various evidentiary rules and requirements to make sure the jury hears your story and understands your case.

3) Proving Damages

Another complex matter that an experienced personal injury lawyer can handle for you is determining and proving the number of damages that you should be paid. The lawyers at Whalen Injury Lawyers understand what it takes to prove a damages case. Proving damages, like proving liability, can be very difficult. It can involve extensive investigation, discovery, and presentation of evidence concerning, among other things, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent impairment, and disfigurement damages. Experienced lawyers, like those at Whalen Injury Lawyers, understand the law concerning various damages issues including pretexting conditions and apportionment and can help maximize your damages case.

4) Negotiating Skills

An experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. The personal injury attorneys at Whalen Injury Lawyers have worked with many insurance companies and adjusters and have negotiated hundreds of settlements. They have a strong track record of obtaining favorable settlements for their clients. The experienced and aggressive attorneys atWhalen Injury Lawyers know the best way to handle an insurance company to obtain a fair settlement offer. They also are able to negotiate with lien holders such as health insurance companies, Medicare, and hospitals, to help you maximize your recovery.

5) Willingness to Litigate

A lawyer’s negotiating leverage can drastically be improved if they genuinely have the ability and willingness to take the case to court if a negotiated settlement can’t be reached. When looking for a lawyer, be sure to inquire about their litigation experience and their preparedness for pursuing a formal personal injury lawsuit. The lawyers at Whalen Injury Lawyers are not afraid to go to trial. They have the experience and resources to fight for your rights, whether through settlement or through trial.

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One of the most important steps that you can arguably take after being hurt in an accident, whether it is a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or some other accident, is hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer. Doing so can not only improve your chances of being awarded compensation, but also increase the number of damages that form the basis of your settlement or verdict.

We at Whalen Injury Lawyers would be pleased to discuss with you the many advantages of turning to us for professional legal representation. Our Colorado law firm exclusively represents personal injury plaintiffs in a wide range of matters, from auto accidents and product liability cases to wrongful death and insurance bad faith.

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