Background Checks on Delivery Drivers & What is Being Done

Published on Jun 8, 2023 | Last Modified on Jul 09, 2024


  • Delivery companies perform extensive background checks on drivers, including employment history, motor vehicle records, and criminal history.
  • These checks are crucial for identifying potential safety and liability risks.
  • Additional measures include drug testing and identity verification.
  • Background checks help ensure public safety and compliance with state laws.
  • Companies emphasize the importance of these checks due to drivers' interactions with customers and handling of deliveries.

One of the most popular modern conveniences that technology has enabled is the delivery of food, groceries, and other essential items we need in life. Combine the increasing use of delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart with Amazon, UPS, and other more traditional transportation and delivery services, and you can get practically anything delivered to your home. Delivery services have become something we all rely on, and these companies use background checks on delivery drivers to ensure they employ people you can trust with your delivery items.

Delivery driver background checks include an extensive review of an applicant’s employment history, motor vehicle record, criminal history, and other relevant information, like identity verification, employment verification, and national sex offender registry checks.

Companies do these background checks to identify what potential drivers could potentially pose a public safety and/or liability risk. In addition to background checks, companies may also require drug testing and substance abuse screening.

Background Checks on Delivery Drivers & What is Being Done

It’s essential for these companies to conduct thorough background checks on delivery drivers they might hire because these drivers will be interacting with customers and handling a wide variety of packages, food, and other delivery items and effectuating the delivery of these things through operating vehicles on public roadways and entering into our communities and sometimes our homes. Companies want to ensure the safety of customers, along with members of the public. Furthermore, many states have laws that require background checks for drivers who work for delivery companies, and failure to comply will result in fines and civil penalties.

As you can imagine, background checks on delivery drivers are important for a number of reasons. Delivery drivers will be doing a lot of driving in a variety of environments, and background checks help a company filter out applicants with a criminal history and/or problematic driving behavior that could pose an unreasonable risk to the public. Background checks also minimize liability risks, and delivery driver background checks show that a company takes the safety and security of customers and the public seriously.

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